About Me

Qualifications and Experience

My interest in the holistic approach of yoga led me to complete the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) Foundation Course in 2012. I continued my studies by enrolling on the BWYQ Level 4 teacher training course, realising that I could share my passion and knowledge with others.  I worked in the Early Years sector for 24 years, with children aged from birth to 11+. In 2004, I qualified as a children's yoga teacher through Yoga Bugs and had a wonderful time combining my two passions!  I have been a full time yoga teacher since 2014, offering weekly public classes, private classes, yoga in schools, yoga in the workplace, and retreats in the UK and overseas. 

What Yoga has done

for me

I first discovered yoga in 1995, and have been a student ever since. Physically, I am fitter, stronger and more flexible - my body feels freer, and I am more in tune with it than ever before.  Yoga encourages me to nurture my body, to be more conscious about what I eat, what I do, and so my overall health has improved greatly. The deeper I delve into my yoga studues, the more I notice the positive effects it has in all areas my life. The yoga philosophy and holisitic approach have helped me become more patient, compassionate, calm and more equipped to deal with the ups and downs of life. 

As a person who is not naturally flexible, I am aware of the possible limitations and concerns, so I pay particular attention to ensure my classes are inclusive and supportive.


I can't recall when I first discovered meditation, but I know that I began to formally meditate in 1999.  My BWY course has furthered my knowledge and understanding of the benefits and physical effects of mindfully meditating, including  counterbalancing the physical symptoms of stress, developing focus and increasing ocncentration.  I believe the relaxation side of yoga is really important, and recognise that students benefit from this as much as the physical practice. Being able to relax the body and mind helps to tap into the parasympathetic nervous system, allowing time for rest, healing and restoring. There are so many approaches and techniques to explore, so everyone has a chance to find something that works for them.