Online Yoga
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Yoga for Adults

Windmill Yoga classes offer the opportunity to put aside some time just for you, and are inclusive and suitable for everybody. Classes are structured to settle the mind through breath-work, work the body through the physical practice, and to calm and de-stress both the body and mind through various relaxation techniques. Yoga is a breath-led practice, so you will be encouraged to mindfully move the joints and stretch the muscles. You will develop body awareness, gain fitness, become stronger and more flexible, and over time you will find that yoga has a positive effect on your general well-being.

Yoga for Kids

Yoga moves, bends, stretches and empowers little bodies and minds!

Windmill Yoga classes bring all the benefits of yoga to children in a fun and playful way. Through games, postures, story-telling and child-friendly relaxation techniques, your child will benefit from:

  • Improved balance and body awareness
  • Improved posture and alignment
  • Increased concentration, focus, attention span and memory
  • Increased confidence and self-esteem
  • Increased creativity and imagination

…and they will learn skills that enable them to:

  • Calm and clear the mind
  • Reduce tension, stress and anxiety
  • Lead a fit and healthy lifestyle
  • Sleep!

Meditation & Mindfulness

Windmill Yoga offers opportunities to focus on the meditative, relaxation side of yoga. Classes focus on gentle breath-led movements to prepare the body and mind for stillness, allowing the body and mind the chance to be free from the physical symptoms of stress.